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Is your ERP an offer you can’t refuse?

In a recent conversation with a company referred to us by a Consultancy Business partner, the CFO shared that the ERP implementation was chaotic. Point of sales information took hours to arrive in the inventory module, and replenishing decisions were based on the best possible estimates. The service level to their customers was far below their expectations and from what was promised by the provider.

Several systems were connected to support this company’s operation; the information flow is unreliable, and errors abound. Since data is scattered in different repositories, building a report takes hours or days. Users are frustrated, and the company is losing money.

After our initial meeting, the C-Level team was enthusiastic and agreed to kick-start the Diagnostic so we could understand their problems and needs and their implications. We would prepare a well-documented value proposition and set up a fully configured LOVIS EOS instance to show them their problems and needs solved before they were to commit with us, something no Enterprise Software for a large organisation can do.

We waited for their confirmation of the initially selected week to execute the Diagnostic; we only got radio silence.

After a few weeks, the communication reopened, and we had a very illustrative conversation about their silence; their provider threatened to take “actions” if they attempted to leave them. The communications were utterly aggressive, and they got worried about the potential consequences, so they shut down communications with us. The iconic phrase “this is an offer you can’t refuse” from “The Godfather” movies came to my mind as a classic example of mafia behaviour; it is a command to comply with or else.

When threats are the only way to retain a client, the provider recognises that their business model is not built to add value to their client; the real goal is to make the sales quota. This is like a mobster intimidating someone to get paid for delivering nothing of value in return.

Our purpose is to add value by providing powerful and simple solutions to complex enterprise problems through LOVIS EOS, the integrated, secure and reliable enterprise software platform on the Cloud that is adaptive, easy to use and fast to implement. LOVIS EOS saves money, recovers time and makes people happy.

This is why we invested over 20 years in creating LOVIS EOS, the first zero-code Enterprise Operating System Platform on the Cloud that fully adapts to each company’s needs, runs integrated beginning-to-end business processes, builds transactional information that reflects reality in real-time, closes every day, month, and year with zero downtime, automatically derives accounting records, provides Financial Statements in any standard every morning, is implemented in six months or less with no-disruption at go-live and updates and support are included without additional cost.

We offer a fair business model per annual simultaneous session subscription, which includes all the current and future LOVIS EOS functions and features, high availability, disaster recovery, updates and support. No surprises.

After a few conversations, they realised that the certainty of irreparably damaging their business by keeping their current provider was much worse than the possibility of consequences that could be anticipated and fought against. They prioritised the survival, success and thriving of their organisation.

If your ERP provider behaves like a mobster, remember that it is an offer you can refuse and change to EOS.

Rafael Funes

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