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Business Partner Programs

Let’s work together to simplify your client’s business processes, satisfy their needs and help them achieve the certainty in the operation, information and evolution they need to thrive.
Grow your profits, improve your operation and deliver the solution your clients need.

It is not fair trying to sell and implement an expensive, uncertain, and too complicated platform based on the belief that it is the only option in the market. It is wrong that the market blames consultancy firms, damaging their credibility instead of making accountable the poorly designed software.

Medium and large-sized organisations from any sector deserve enterprise software that fulfils their needs, solves their problems and helps them thrive from day one.

We have invested the needed resources to create the first entirely configurable EOS, which fully adapts to your client’s organisation, gives the required flexibility and simplifies business processes, so they can focus on fulfilling their mission and succeed.

Our product and implementation methodology is designed to ensure a fast deployment with no disruption at go-live. Once the BPA is signed, we build a close relationship, supporting you at any moment, with no fees, sharing our marketing materials, and giving you the needed training to sell and implement LOVIS EOS successfully and profitably.
As it is ready to use, it will make your work much more straightforward, improve your organisations’ credibility and your customer’s loyalty due to the certainty you will be offering.

LOVIS EOS is the replacement for the ERP, it is the future, and it is here. Not taking this chance can result in an enormous cost of opportunity for your organisation and negatively impact your clients.

Referral Business Partner

We appreciate the value of relationships, and we are happy to provide compensation when those referrals and introductions result in business.
Suppose you identify any business opportunity LOVIS EOS can solve, get an appointment with the CEO and join our sales team to the initial meeting. We will take care of all the sales process and closing the deal.
When the contract is closed, we share a part of our revenue with you as a Referral Business Partner.

When the contract is closed, we share a part of our revenue with you as a Referral Business Partner.

Commercial Business Partner

You take the commercial lead for the whole process and close the deal, and one of our consultancy business partners leads the diagnostic, builds the value proposal and structures the project. LOVIS shows the solution configuration and the walk on the clouds.
Altogether, we participate during the process. True teamwork can’t miss.

When the deal is closed, your client wins, and we all win too.

Consultancy Business Partner

We know that great partnerships are founded on common goals, shared commitments, and mutual success. This is the opportunity for our partners to integrate their products and services with the first fully configurable and scalable EOS that easily adapts to your clients’ needs.
You find the opportunity, you lead the whole process, and close the deal. LOVIS will support you as much as you need to help your team develop the required tools to be fully independent.

When the deal is closed, your client wins, you win, and we too.