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FAQs – Partners


We offer three partner schemes: referral business partner, commercial business partner and consultancy business partner. Detailed information on each of these schemes, as well as their scope, can be found here https://lovis.com/es/business-partner-programs/

Yes, digital and printed marketing material is available, which we hope will generate interest among partners’ prospects and clients.

We’re currently developing a certification programme for business partners, benchmarking different levels of expertise. This helps the most experienced partners meet their goals and enables certified individuals to access benefits that encourage them to continue creating business opportunities together.

Yes, a partner will be joined by an expert from our commercial area. This ensures partners can answer the commercial questions that usually arise and going forward, it equips them with the skills and insight to understand the real needs of the client and how LOVIS EOS can meet them. It also gives partners the confidence to carry out the entire sales process until the contract is signed.

Yes. We’ve developed a training programme so partners can develop the skills and knowledge they need to offer LOVIS EOS to prospects and customers.

Yes, our partners are welcome to grow in tandem with LOVIS, so if a referral partner develops the business skills to offer clients our business solution, they can become a commercial partner.

There are two levels of business partner commission: an activation amount that’s paid at the beginning of the project (relating to three months’ monthly income), and a monthly income, based upon the number of simultaneous sessions contracted by the client. Different amounts of commission are payable, dependent upon the scheme entered into.

At LOVIS we offer our partners three partner schemes: REFERRAL BUSINESS PARTNER, COMMERCIAL BUSINESS PARTNER and CONSULTANCY BUSINESS PARTNER. Detailed information on each of these schemes as well as the scope of each program is available on our site: https://lovis.com/es/business-partner-programs/