Is your ERP naked?

Storytelling has been a human activity since we can use words to communicate with each other. The elders have been sharing tales about culture, values and lessons learned with the younger. In ancient times, stories were told around the fire; more recently, these tales in printed form are being read to children at bedtime.

The main idea is to educate them, bring up their best, and help them avoid the same mistakes and pitfalls made by previous generations. One case is the “Libro de los Ejemplos del Conde Lucanor”, a Spanish collection of cautionary tales with sources from several classics written to warn about many topics. Hans Christian Andersen wrote his “The Emperor’s new clothes” tale based on a German translation of “What Happened to the King and the Tricksters Who Made Cloth” from that book.

This is the story of two swindlers that create the most fabulous suit for a King by weaving the cloth with magic thread that only intelligent people can see. The King, who was used to spending the kingdom’s money on many vain things which did not create value for his kingdom, fell into the trap. Every member of the court that supervised how the weaving progressed saw nothing but, willing not to be labelled as unintelligent, expressed the most stupefying adjectives. When the clothes were finished, the King paraded the town almost entirely naked while the people spoke marvels about the invisible garments for the same reasons as the nobles. Suddenly, a young, innocent boy yelled: The King is naked; then everyone realised the King had been ripped off.

The value of this story is simple and profound. Speaks about widely accepting something as true or praiseworthy for everyone else saying it instead of having a sound opinion based on our observations of facts.

I have often listened to how good this or that ERP software is and why failed implementations are due to users and consultants. I haven’t seen such a strong level of defence on something poorly crafted in other sectors of the economy. If something does not work, we say it does not and demand the provider to make it suitable or return our money. But it looks like no one wants to be the child who realises the truth and yells, “The ERP is naked”, because we usually do not wish to oppose generally accepted opinions; this requires prioritising your organisation’s performance and being innovative and courageous.

In LOVIS, we believe the manufacturer of any product, including Enterprise Software, has to build a solid, complete and mature product and deliver exemplary service to help their clients reach their solution’s benefits.

This is why we invested over 20 years in creating LOVIS EOS, the first zero-code Enterprise Operating System Platform on the Cloud that fully adapts to each company’s needs, runs integrated beginning-to-end business processes, builds transactional information that reflects reality in real-time, closes every day, month, and year with zero downtime, automatically derives accounting records, provides Financial Statements in any standard every morning, is implemented in six months or less with no-disruption at go-live and updates and support are included without additional cost.

Please share your complex problems and difficult-to-solve needs with us via a business-process-based diagnostic; in a few weeks, we will show you a bespoke configured LOVIS EOS instance that completely solves them. With LOVIS EOS, you don’t have to imagine an end result that might never arrive, and you can put your money where it will create more value for your organisation.

ERP has always been naked; change to EOS.

Rafael Funes

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