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The Integrated Cloud

You need to work when you need to work, no excuses.

What you bring

  1. Access device: computer, tablet or smartphone
  2. Internet (asynchronous 1024/256 kbps for 8 users suffices)

What we provide

  1. Physical location
  2. Physical premises Security and Certifications
  3. Fire Prevention and Control
  4. Electric Supply and Redundancy
  5. Air Conditioning and Environment Control
  6. Internet Supply and Redundancy
  7. Digital Security and Certifications
  8. Racks
  9. Firewall
  10. RDS Web Access Servers (user access point)
  11. RDS Gateways, Brokers and RDS Hosts (LOVIS EOS runs on RDS hosts)
  12. Domain Controllers (access security)
  13. Database Servers
  14. Profile Servers (shared and individual files storage)
  15. GraphQL Endpoint (APIs are served from here)
  16. APIs
  17. Spare Servers (of every server type)
  18. SSD (Solid-state) Storage
  19. Internet
  20. Windows Server 2014 (or newer)
  21. RDP Server
  22. SQL Server 2014 (or newer)
  24. User Administration Portal
  25. Platform Administration
  26. Mirror Replication (at least two of three datacenters)
  27. Disaster Recovery Plan, execution if ever required
  28. 24/7 Critical access support
  29. 24/7 available FAQ, Knowledge Base and User Forum in your local language
  30. 10/5 Customer Support
  31. All infrastructure hardware and software updates and required upgrades
  32. LOVIS EOS fiscal and legal required functionalities according to your country
  33. LOVIS EOS updates, upgrades and most new functionalities
  34. 99.0% Guaranteed and 99.97% measured Annual Transactional Availability


Take full advantage of LOVIS EOS
total realtime model, with 24/7
@99.97%+ transactional availability.


Access LOVIS EOS from any device, anywhere, at anytime.


You can rely on LOVIS EOS
mission critical infrastructure
and Disaster Recovery Plan.


We keep LOVIS EOS secure
so you can focus on
running your business.


Integrate systems that fulfil
your specialised needs to
extend LOVIS EOS reach.

Simultaneous Sessions

Run your beginning-to-end
business processes and take
advantage of the full
LOVIS EOS capabilities.