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LOVIS wins the National Technology Award 2023 in Spain, recognising the New Category in the world of business software: EOS (Enterprise Operating System)

LOVIS was awarded in the EOS category at the VI XXI Century National Technology Awards Gala in Madrid on May 18, 2023.

Since the 90s, companies and governments have implemented ERP with bitter results. Coding to customise incomplete software and integrate ill-fitting modules resulted in year-long and costly implementations that yielded complexity and uncertainty to organisations.

In LOVIS, we invested over 20 years in Research and Development, working with hundreds of organisations in over 25 industry sectors from 11 Countries to build the solution you need to fulfil your needs: The Enterprise Operating System—the alternative to ERP and precondition to Enterprise 4.0.

LOVIS EOS, the first zero-code Enterprise Operating System Platform on the Cloud that fully adapts to each company’s needs, runs integrated beginning-to-end business processes, builds transactional information that reflects reality in real-time, closes every day, month, and year with zero downtime, automatically derives accounting records, provides Financial Statements in any standard every morning, is implemented in six months or less with no-disruption at go-live and updates and support are included without additional cost.

Helping leading organisations obtain the security, certainty and simplicity they need in their operation, information and evolution to succeed and thrive. LOVIS EOS is a comprehensive, 100% configurable system that doubles companies’ productivity and improves employees’ well-being by recovering more than 400 person-hours each year, with less than 1/7 of the carbon footprint and a 200% Return on Investment from the second year.

For this reason, we were invited to participate in the VI edition of the XXI Century Technology Awards 2023, where technology companies are recognised for their great adaptation to constant technological changes and innovative methods to help others face them.

After an extensive and strict evaluation, the event organisers decided to inaugurate the EOS category recognising the benefits and impact this technology offers to companies. That is why today, we are happy to announce that we have obtained the National Technology Award as the best EOS of the year.

We thank the representatives and organisers of the VI edition of the XXI Century Technology Awards in Madrid for this recognition.

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