Our Simultaneous Session pricing scheme is fair, clear and transparent, with no surprises. Everything you need to run LOVIS EOS 24/7 @ 99.97% is included.

Create an individual access account for every person in your organisation and providers and customers you want to include in your extended supply chain. Assign personalised security and workflow profiles to each user and relax. Each user will access only authorised functions and data and know what has to do at every moment. You pay the Activation Fee and the Anual Rent per Simultaneous Session depending on the LOVIS EOS Level that best suits your needs. We help you establish the maximum number of simultaneous sessions you will need based on volume, usage and expected concurrency.

All prices in USDBusinessEnterpriseCorporate
Simultaneous Session Annual Subscription4,0006,0008,000
Simultaneous Session Activation Fee 1,2001,8002,400
Maximum Named UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Branches per Company1001,00010,000
Currencies, Crypto and other Financial Instruments10100Unlimited
Profiles per User 3100Unlimited
Account Positions101520
Centre Positions51020
Project Positions51020
BOM Levels510100
Zero-Code Business Oriented Configuration
Online in Real-Time Operation and Information
Integrated Business Process Management
Non-Stop Daily, Monthly and Annual Closing Procedures
DynaQube Reporting in Real-Time Unlimited Queries, Reports and BI Tools
LOVIS DynaQube via QuickSight
LOVIS Assistant via Alexa
Annual Full Transactional Availability99.00%99.50%99.50%
Client's Support Managers1310
Support Portal
Support via Email
Support Tickets per Simultaneous Session per Month123
Support Availability8/512/524/7
Self-served End-User Support via Knowledge Base
User and Session Management Portal
High Availability
Daily Full Backups
Log Backup Frequency4 hours60 minutes15 minutes
User Selectable Language
Printout Selectable Language
Document Store (PDF file support)
Integrated Workflow
Integrated Data and Funtional Security
B2B Customer/Supplier Access
Digital Transaction Signing
Global Sessions
Integrated Beginning-to-end Business Processes
Procure to Pay (Multi-Currency; Centralised and Distributed Orders)
Sales to Cash (Multi-Currency, Multi-Channel, B2B, B2C)
eCommerce Operation, Finance and Accounting (Multi-Portal and Multi-3PL)
Fintech Operation, Finance and Accounting (back-office)
Supply Chain
Imports (Import Documents Tracking; Duties and Expenses Absorption)
Perishables (Lot, Quarantine and Expiry Control)
Services (with or without Inventory Control)
Kits and Bundles (Procurement, Sales, Cost and Billing)
Projects (Procurement, Sales, Cost and Billing)
On-site Assembly and Installation (Procurement, Sales, Cost and Billing)
Fixed Assets (Procurement, Assignment, Depreciation, Revaluation and Sales)
Consumables (Inventory, Consumptions and Cost Center/Project Application)
Inventory Consignment
Forecasting and DDMRP
Point of Consumption and Commissary (Operation and Finance)
Assembly Manufacturing
Process Manufacturing
Derivatives Manufacturing
Finishing (Procurement, Sales, Cost and Billing)
Third-Party Manufacturing (Procurement, Sales, Cost and Billing; Cross-Border)
Multi-Country VAT, Sales, Special, Withholding and Corporate Taxes
Muti-Currency Cashflow Planning and Execution
Multi-Instrument, Multi-Country and Multi-Currency Advanced Treasury
Budget Allocation, Control and Execution
Travel Expenses (Reporting, Authorisation, Cashflow, Reimbursement)
Digital Invoicing Support for Multiple Countries
Utilities Billing (Fixed Contracts and Variable Measured Add-Ons)
3-D Accounting Fully Automated Generation
Financial Statements Every Morning per Company, Centre and Project
Regional and Global Consolidation
Automated IFRS, US-GAAP, EU-GAAP, etc. Finance Reporting
One Company Included per 10 Simultaneous Sessions
Additional Company Annual Rent4,0006,0008,000
Additional Company Activation Fee1,2001,8002,400
Quicksight Reader Annual Rent2,0003,000-
Additional Quicksight User Activation Fee600900-
Quicksight Author Annual Rent4,0006,0008,000
Quicksight Author Activation Fee1,2001,8002,400
60,000 Digital Transactions Anual Pack23,00023,00023,000
60,000 Digital Transactions Pack Activation Fee6,9006,9006,900
120,000 Digital Transactions Anual Pack35,00035,00035,000
120,000 Digital Transactions Pack Activation Fee10,50010,50010,500
240,000 Digital Transactions Anual Pack51,00051,00051,000
240,000 Digital Transactions Pack Activation Fee15,30015,30015,300
360,000 Digital Transactions Anual Pack64,00064,00064,000
360,000 Digital Transactions Pack Activation Fee19,20019,20019,200
480,000 Digital Transactions Anual Pack75,00075,00075,000
480,000 Digital Transactions Pack Activation Fee22,50022,50022,500
600,000 Digital Transactions Anual Pack84,00084,00084,000
600,000 Digital Transactions Pack Activation Fee25,20025,20025,200