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Think Tank Papers

How to Avoid ERP Over-Selling

“ERP implementation failure rate is around 70%”

Rethinking Your ERP Strategy to Gain Digital Competitive Advantage

“ERP suites have become complex, rigid structures potentially limiting the benefits of digitalization.”

16 famous ERP disasters, dustups and disappointments

“With ERP applications the consequences of a failed software rollout can be serious, including shareholder lawsuits and financial meltdown.”

Research Papers

Developing an Enterprise Operating System (EOS)

“EOS is considered as an alternative to ERP and a precondition to the Enterprise 4.0”

An Enterprise Operating System for the Sensing, Smart, and Sustainable Enterprise

“An EOS is a system capable of monitoring enterprise resources and operations in order to dynamically allocate resources to required activities”

A Framework to Support Industry 4.0: Chemical Company Case Study

“EOS solution has proven to be adapted for companies from different sectors and offers a transition to the Industry 4.0 for its clients”