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LOVIS EOS is considered the alternative to ERP and pre-condition to the future Enterprise 4.0, according to the paper “Developing an Enterprise Operating System (EOS) – Requirements and Architecture” presented at the 25th IEEE International Conference on Enabling Technologies by Joseph Rahme Youssef, Gregory Zacharewicz, Davich Chen from University of Bordeaux. It supports a company’s entire operation with integrated beginning-to-end processes.

A collaborative workflow solution is part of LOVIS EOS, enabling you to track in real- time, what’s happening within your company.

Among other things, the process integration is a key difference. It gives users beginning-to-end control of transactions as they happen in real-time, avoiding the possibility of execution outside established work-flow protocols.

Our promise is that it takes less than six months to implement. However, we have completed this sooner (it depends upon the size of the organisation).

LOVIS EOS can integrate with other company systems through APIs or file sharing in Demilitarised Zones (DMZ) and other protocols. Depending on requirements, it can be real-time integration or via information exchange processes.

There’s a monthly charge to use LOVIS EOS and the cost is determined by the number of people simultaneously using it. The rent includes everything you need to run the system, without additional charges.

Yes. The solution has military-grade security that allows you to identify users and levels of authority.LOVIS as a solution has a military-grade security scheme that allows you to define for each user the permissions that you have within the system.

No, as it’s a fully integrated system supporting all business processes, it cannot be separated into singular modules.

No, our solution and pricing scheme is designed for a range of companies – from SMEs to large global corporations.

Yes, it is compatible with any industry. LOVIS EOS supports all functions across any type of business (and is currently being used by 25 different industries and sub-sectors).

LOVIS EOS was developed after many years’ experience sourcing software solutions for clients from different industries around the world. The result? A single, totally adaptive enterprise software solution that’s fully configurable – ie capable of meeting the needs of any company, without the need for programming.

No, just 16kb per user. The solution is designed to minimise information sharing and transactions, so the broadband consumption is low.