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The Sound of LOVIS

Music has all kinds of effects on the human being: it makes us happy, it saddens us, it activates us, it makes us dance, it excites us…

It has accompanied the human being from its earliest days when we learned to use sounds and chants to communicate with each other or even with the higher forces that governed our lives. Music has evolved as society did.

We all, to a greater or lesser extent, live with music. Here are some good quotes from singers, songwriters, and even physicists that summarize the feelings that musical notes provoke us when they reach our ears.

“Music is a revelation greater than all wisdom and philosophy.” Beethoven

“Music is my life, and my life is music. Whoever does not understand this is not worthy of God.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

What is the music, if not the way, of the emotions and the thoughts talking to us? Music has guided us on many occasions. Music is the faithful reflex of the personality of the one who composes it, of the one who interprets it and, of course, of the one who listens to it.

Human beings select music according to our current mood or circumstances but, will not it be that music is the one that chooses us and always accompanies us?

Music sets the tone for how you will do in your day, in a month, in your life in general, and that is why we must always listen but above all feel. Let the music flow and take you along the dance floor of life in harmonious and happy peace. These are the best wishes of those of us who collaborate with you at LOVIS

Have a nice day.

Enrique Ferráez
BP Director MX

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