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ERP a gift of gods or a Trojan Horse?

Wooden Horse view in Canakkale, Turkey. After the filming of the movie Troy,The wooden horse that was used as a prop was donated to the city of Canakkale

Our organisation has been blocked for many years. The inefficiencies, loss of money and quality of life of our colleagues, led by Agamemnon, Ulysses and others have been against the wall of the organisation

One day, we received from our director the big news: We are going to implement an ERP! “It is a gift from the Gods!” everyone exclaimed.

There was a kickoff party, plan presentation and work methodology. Everything was happiness, but from the inside of this big present, the unexpected started to arise…

Chapter 1. Platform tuning. It was day one, everyone wanted to start enjoying the big gift, but they needed to wait. A group of scholars brought their servers, connections and many other things and they started to work as they were given only few days to make something with the gift. All of this while delivering from time to time a gold treasure not planned to win the Gods favor.  

Chapter 2. Custom developments. But the worst was yet to come, we realize that the given gift was hollow. An intrepid troop came out, commanded by Ulysses himself, they started to ask us how we wanted the gift to be, and we started saying our wishes like if they were our truly needs. But how could we knew? We have never been out from our uses and customs! We were not conscious, and we continue saying what our wishes where blinded by illusion. Based on our requirements, those illusionists started modifying and developing functions trying to fulfil our dreams. As time went by,
this was getting
farther and more different from what we expected. Our gift didn’t have any form anymore! This created uncertainty and tension in the population. The processes took forever and the gold delivery and offering to the Gods didn’t stop coming, depleting our supplies.

Chapter 2. Disruptions. Making titanic efforts to profit our gift, our organisation goods stopped moving, our king asked us for the information so he could guide us, but everything was a mess. In order to use the big gift we had to stop our daily activity for longer periods every time reducing our organisation.

This great gift ended up destroying our future.

Change the end of this story. LOVIS EOS, ready to use from day one, fast and easy implementation without disruptions, with a operational logic proposal and without the need of developing a code to adapt to your business processes. This is the truly a gift from the Gods.

Jaime Moreno
Chief Technology Officer

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