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The reality of your business

Running an organisation without accurate information about what is happening is like driving a car with incomplete traffic data, wrong maps and relying on your location from thirty minutes ago. This situation is not promising for you and your vehicle, nor for your company.

Reflecting the reality of your business requires that your processes include self-regulating mechanisms.

To explain this, we will take an everyday example:
When you go shopping and reach the checkout, the cashier registers the amount to be paid and presents you with a payment terminal. At that moment, you verify that the captured amount is correct and confirm it by entering your security PIN.

The self-regulation mechanism in this first case is that you, as the person responsible for payment, verify that the seller’s information has been registered correctly and at the moment the transaction occurs and directly in the system.

However, a few decades ago, when you went shopping, the cashier took your card and gave you a paper receipt with the details of your card and the amount for you to validate and sign.

But there is a big difference compared to the first scenario. In this case, the receipt was sent to a group of bank data entry clerks to register each one. The person who records the information is not responsible for the event and did not experience it, so they lack a frame of reference, generating interpretation errors, omissions, and a considerable delay in updating the information.

Now, let’s apply this example to all the transactions of your organisation, such as receiving goods, production outputs, customer deliveries, invoicing, etc. Are you in a self-regulated scenario where everything is recorded and confirmed by the person responsible directly in the system at the time it happens, or do you have transactions recorded in Excel, paper, data warehouses, or other mechanisms, and then a data entry clerk or process feeds the system that will provide information for you to make decisions?

LOVIS EOS is designed with automated mechanisms in all its processes, from start to finish, reflecting the reality of your business at all times.

Jaime Moreno

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