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The Jigsaw Puzzle

Recently, the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle came to mind when explaining the complexity of ERP. While some enjoy piecing together a puzzle, framing it, and hanging it, I prefer a clear image created by an artist that conveys a message I can appreciate. Many ERP implementations resemble jigsaw puzzles with mismatched and ill-fitting pieces.

Despite the likelihood of failure, why do prominent and respected organisations continue to attempt implementation? The best outcome is mediocre organisational performance with delayed and inaccurate data that leads to error and frustration.

But my CIO and my large and famous consultancy firm tell me this is the way – many say.

Self-appointed heroic CIOs lead teams working 14-hour days, seven days a week for years, attempting to make it work by cutting, pasting, and repainting the ill-fitting puzzle pieces. This futile process leads to an incomplete and distorted image of the organisation that fails to deliver the promised productivity, profitability, and well-being.

It’s been said that “no one has been fired for implementing the very well-known ERP,” indicating that the CIO may not want to risk their job to improve organisational performance. The consultancy firm is selling the idea of customising the platform when, in reality, you are paying to fill the gaps between the jigsaw puzzle pieces that don’t fit or match.

To help large companies run their business effectively, and not the software, we’ve developed LOVIS EOS, the first zero-code Enterprise Operating System Platform on the Cloud. It fully adapts to each company’s needs, runs integrated beginning-to-end business processes, reflects real-time transactional information, closes every day, month, and year with zero downtime, automatically derives accounting records, provides Financial Statements in any standard every morning, and is implemented in six months or less with no disruption at go-live.

Instead of wasting time and money on a distorted image of your organisation, run your company with a clear view of where you are and where you want to go with LOVIS EOS, which shows your organisational reality in real time.

Just enjoy a jigsaw puzzle for what it is, and let LOVIS run your business.

Rafael Funes

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