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Technology: good or bad

Technology seeks to favour human being in different areas. Although this has a positive impact, there are negative factors such as its inappropriate use, the exploitation of resources or the implications to obtain it, in this context we can mention that the use of surveillance cameras in the different streets of a city, in transport, schools, banks is a means to ensure the safety and integrity of people to touch with your right to privacy, the use of batteries for electric cars are the future but obtaining the components for its manufacture have an impact on the environment.

It is common to generalize whether a technology is good or bad, however, it is important to broaden the criteria by comparing the benefits obtained by adopting new technologies and this is a significant challenge, currently it has been shown that technology advances in a dizzying way and faces ethical and social issues, genetic engineering in the modification of DNA, robotics that displaces the tasks of man, applications destined for war, benefits combined with risks and undesired effects on the environment or for society.

The challenge is to seek as a society to be more critical comparing the benefits and to question when a technology is no longer used as an instrument for security, social and economic development or for the protection of the environment, to question when the use of a technology turns against the social norms and human rights.

Be more critical to establish the policy of guidelines that are in favour of science and technology focused on favouring the human being in different areas, it is important to mention that technologies are imposed for the common good and adopted by society, with the passage of time we are immersed in technology in all areas without being able to choose not to adopt it, if we do not do so we stop belonging or interacting with our environment, imagine not going out so as not to be recorded by the cameras, not having a bank account. Can you think of an idea in which technology could be against a social norm or the human being?

Rodrigo Hernandez
Suport Manager

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