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Oh Captain, My Captain…

What if the captain’s not here? Has it happened to you that if the roles of each of the people who participate in it are not well established within an organisation, the objectives are half-stayed or not fully met? What if a critical person in your organisation is not available?

It is a must for organisations to have their processes well established and carried out by the people who make the activities within those processes in a timely way. Without this, companies encounter various obstacles that may be reflected by not achieving their corporate goals. They can even affect the economy by not meeting Time to Market, having delays in collection, low inventory turnover, quality problems, loss of customers, among many other consequences that can be incurred.

When it is clear who does what within the process and you acknowledge the faculties that each person has to carry out the related activities, the operation flows appropriately. Suppose everyone in the organisation has the vision of what triggers the following action and all it entails, i.e., its implications, deadlines, restrictions, and/or unique treatments for a specific case. In that case, the processes will likely be carried out correctly from start to finish and, most importantly, with the certainty that what is being done is reliable.

This is true if the profiles and security roles of each person involved are landed and adapted to the proper functioning of the company within the system used by the company. The results are reflected in more significant and more efficient collaboration of the work teams, which implies that by working together and under the “rules of the business”, the objectives are achieved.

So, if this is done correctly, what if a person within the process is not there? The answer is simple, having the roles of each one well established, it is feasible that the necessary changes can be made, as well as giving specific attributes to another person or switch to another security profile in the system, that helps to perform pending actions, this with efficient monitoring.

So, if you want this to happen, Carpe Diem and seize the day, let´s make things happen!

Mariana Zapico

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