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Attack of the clones

As we could see in the “Star Wars” movies, the clones have enormous powers with very advanced technology that vie for strength to overcome each other and be the only victor.

Although it always causes havoc, the members strive to engineer technology to subdue the enemy; An example of this in our reality was the development of submarines in the Second World War.

If we learned a little from the above, when the clones crossed, it should serve to get to know each other and determine which of both powers could be used to achieve objectives that benefit both parties.

Returning to our reality, we also have clones, and some of them are companies.

In each of the companies, the members have developed with great skill the processes they require to offer their products to the market. However, they face a series of adverse situations, such as the delivery times of their suppliers. Warehouses saturated with items that they do not use, due to being defective or due to lack of planning in the purchase of the same, the staff who prepare reports of which the integrity is doubted. Additional time has to be used to verify or correct them, estimate times of delivery to its customers, which are generally not correct, affecting the image of the company, etcetera, etcetera.

It is evident that this clone needs the help of another clone to help it solve the problems it currently has, to focus on improving processes or devising other products to offer to the market.

This other clone is called System, which helps you control and avoid the problems you currently have.

The entrepreneur must very carefully select that other clone that should be his ally and not complicate his existence due to the corrections and adjustments that he has to make for a long time before seeing any positive results if he does not despair along the way.

The businessman hopes to ally himself with a clone that avoids the problems mentioned above and helps him progress.

Many “Systems” clones are offered on the market. However, in many cases, they only complicate the operation because they are not designed for the processes. Still, sometimes the processes must be adapted so that the system works (this latter is a clear example of the clones that must be prevented from becoming your ally).

In the vast majority of cases, companies already have an ally such as the type of clone mentioned in the previous paragraph, so the entrepreneur who wants to improve the situation will understand that a well-selected change in the System will help him in his plans with the expansion.

Not necessarily the System most used by companies is the best. It is enough to approach these companies and see the problems caused by said System.

The clone (System) to be looked for is one that from its origins has been designed for the operations or processes of the companies, without having to be modifying it, but only parameterising it to adapt it to the company, which would be reflected among many other benefits, in the speed of implementation, in the security of its use and in the certainty obtained in the information that you provide.

The System that complies with the above is not an ERP for its acronym in English, which means “Company Resource Planning”, the system for it to comply must be something newer than the previous concept, that is, an EOS for its acronym In English, it means “Company Operations System”.

LOVIS is an EOS, which, based on those mentioned above, is designed to become the ally that helps you progress.

The main thing is to have well-defined processes, and if this is invested in technology that supports the operations, the result will be very satisfactory. If you “invest” in technology without having well-defined processes, the result will be an expense without any benefit.

Alfredo Velasco
BI Manager

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