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As is well known, the things we are mainly proud of are the result of having made a great effort to achieve this.
When we obtain a good without endeavouring, we hardly value it, as those that did require an effort.
For the development of LOVIS, an EOS “Enterprise Operation System” for its acronym in English, it was necessary to dedicate a great effort that consisted of:

  • Analyse the ERP “Enterprise Resource Planning” products that were wanted to replace, by the deficiencies that those present in the way they were used to try to reflect the reality of the companies.
  • Analyse and design the correct way to record companies’ operations in combination with the system. For example, the receipt of materials is done in a document issued by the system, where the arrival of the items was already planned so that the information was certain.
  • Have the firm conviction that a better product can be achieved than ERP
  • Detect and include the parameters that will identify and differentiate the company from the others to not have to be making adaptations in the programming that consume resources and possibilities of making mistakes. It implies that only a single system that applies to different companies is being verified to be correctly functioning.
  • User-friendly application. Its implementation is fast (6 months approx, and without disruptions at go-live) and easy to use.

The above is easily said, but it requires excellent capacity and not deviating from the objectives described.It is crucial that, during the system’s training, users understand the importance of their input, which will provide certainty in the information provided by the system.
Users will also notice the advantages personally by reducing the time they wasted with THE ERP, translating into a more remarkable coexistence with the family or planning and executing new projects.

The company’s executives will be happy to see that the information provided by their subordinates is consistent and accurate.
The results achieved in a company can also be successfully exploited by visiting new prospects to see what awaits them when acquiring the system.
What has been expressed here about the EOS system applies to any human activity. Hence, you always have to make an effort that is well selected, oriented, and directed to not end in disappointment but success.

In conclusion, to achieve the success described here, the system or those in charge of selecting the system for your company are well informed about the EOS and can confirm it in other companies.

Alfredo Velasco
BI Manager

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