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The power of timely information

The provision of timely information is no longer a senior management concern; today contributions from department leaders can help organisations focus on current operational tasks and ongoing growth patterns.

Do you wonder how much information is within your organisation and how you can leverage it to focus on future growth? Let’s look at the power of sales information.

Analysis of this information allows you to identify sales per customer, product, delivery route, region, zone, agent, branch, day, week, month and year. And once you have this information, you can add other characteristics, such as the quantity sold per brand, size, discount, and specific product type.

This poses a further question, how can you exploit this information to your benefit? Imagine, that as a result of your sales analysis, you identify 200 customers are responsible for 80% of sales. One strategy is to increase your customer base. However, the sales information also reveals that average sales at two of your franchises have recently fallen, so is it better to adopt a plan to recover those lost sales?

Information that reveals your top performing franchise has the highest profit margin can give a different perspective when distributing sales commission. By identifying the increase in sales is due to higher prices, rather than the volume of products sold, you can refocus your strategy on new markets or analyse the sales barriers.

While it is likely you have, at some point, asked these questions, do you already have or can you access this information from your sales team? How long does it take to get this information each time it’s requested?  

First step is to identify the tool needed to extract this information and evaluate the time it would take to access it. In many cases, sourcing and analysing information from different departments is hindered by numerous business information programmes, with complex systems that typically require specialist teams to access them.

LOVIS EOS integrates information from different departments and is easily accessed by all management levels. The system’s operating logic and integrated modules ensure fast implementation, quickly increasing business competitiveness and efficiency. 

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