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Software Demos don’t work!

In the world of software demos where routine steps always overshadow genuine customer engagement, LOVIS stands out. Unlike traditional approaches, our process is completely centered around understanding the customer’s unique needs and challenges, ensuring a personalised and effective experience.

Traditional Demos: A Missed Opportunity
Most demos follow a predictable path. A call or email initiates the process, leading to a demo session where generic information in a beta version of the software is presented. These demos always lack relevance, inundating customers with unnecessary details and leaving them often confused and sometimes disconnected. Follow-ups, laden with generic content, lead to a cycle of chasing potential customers, while do nothing to help the customer understand the solution.

LOVIS Approach: Customer-Centric and Personalised
At LOVIS, we have redefined the demo process. Before jumping into a demo, we invest time in understanding our customer’s challenges through detailed consultancy diagnostic sessions. Our expert diagnostic team collaborates with all relevant departments to comprehend the client’s current and future concerns. With this knowledge, we craft a bespoke business solution drawing from our over 1200 business processes. This comprehensive understanding allows us to present a tailored plan to the customer, demonstrating exactly how our solution will streamline their operations and save both time and money.

“Walk on the Clouds” Demo: Personalized and Relatable
Once the customer understands our proposed solution, we request their real data. This data is essential as it is the basis for creating a demo system that mirrors their unique challenges. By showcasing our solutions capabilities using their own data, we make the demo relatable and 100% personalised. This tailored approach ensures that the customer understands every aspect of the demo, creating a deeper connection.

LOVIS Advantage: Efficient Implementation, Lasting Results
As you can imagine this process is time-consuming yet yields invaluable insights, and it enables us to meet our commitment of implementing solutions in less than six months with zero disruptions at go-live. By aligning our solution exactly with the customer’s needs from the outset, we eliminate the need for post-implementation adjustments, ensuring a seamless transition and long-term satisfaction.

Experience the Difference: LOVIS
In this unique LOVIS approach, we listen from the start, ensuring that every step of our interaction is focused on helping our customers achieve their goals. Our commitment to understanding their challenges sets the stage for a partnership that thrives on personalised, effective solutions. Discover the difference with LOVIS – where demos are not just presentations; they are personalised pathways to unlocking success.

LOVIS: listening from the start, not starting then listening!

Andy Donnelly
Head of Strategic Partnership

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