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Reprograming, repogram, repro… Enough! Mind the gap.

It is normal and natural that human beings look to the future. Wonder where we are going or even dream of a world filled with situations that could happen “If I’m lucky”, “If the planets align”, “If the universe listens to me” or the very heard phrase in Mexico and Latin America “If God wants to”.

It is also a fact that more than 90% of the situations, problems, prizes, etc., that we imagine never happen. The condition of not establishing and understanding perfectly where we stand and, above all, what we need to be able to determine then where I want to go means that the plans are not fulfilled, simply because we are not attending to the present, we are not addressing “the gap”.

As this is a human condition, it is, of course, widespread for organizations, regardless of size, to find enormous difficulties in achieving goals and achieving the success they dream of. And although it sounds basic, like trying to build a skyscraper, the foundations with those with jobs would keep a two-story house standing.

This is why the new ground gold of any industry is information and, above all, the precise access to my company’s information, decision-making based on stern and forceful data that allow me then if I dream of the future that I am ready to build. We live in a connected world, and our information travels back and forth all the time. Social networks are enormous showcases that easily define users’ profile, what they like, what they don’t, their activities, whether they are married, if they have children or not, etc.

The radiography that an adequate Business Operating System provides to the user is key to detect flaws or gaps, to know what is missing and solve it punctually and forcefully and then, yes, with the appropriate information and the necessary foundations to build the tallest and most impressive skyscraper of the world, why not?

Lovis makes the life of our clients easier but also gives them the conditions, online and without fail, to be able to know where they are and therefore decide if they are on the right path or if it is time to turn to the right, in U or simply stop along the way, take a deep breath and start over.

The future is made up of the actions of the present, of today! Build strong foundations every day, and the sky will be the limit. Nothing is more valuable in this modern era than clear information. At the moment, we are in the immediacy era, everything is urgent, but not everything is essential. What should we always attend to? Is it urgent? Of course not, it should always be an essential thing, and with that discipline, the number of emergencies will radically decrease, you will see.

Enrique Ferráez
Business Partner

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