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Let the past be the past.

As we grow up, we miss some past times. We think of them as if they were better; we get used to the idea that all past times are better. We do not know that evolution is a constant, and if we want to thrive, we need to evolve as the world does because it doesn’t stop.

When something works, even if it doesn’t work well, we get used to it, and we tend to think that it is ok that the service/product has its failures because we learned how to use it, right? It took us a long time; we invested a lot of money, and we refuse the idea to change it because we think something new will take all that time and money again. But why do we have to live with something that is not efficient? Why do we have to settle? Living a medium life is mediocre. That´s why we´re not succeeding. And still, we wonder why others can thrive so smoothly and for us is so difficult.

Human behaviour is something extraordinary, as we are created to survive. Sometimes, we like the commodity; even if something doesn’t work, it is part of our comfort zone. But what can I do to thrive? EVOLVE. As time goes by, extreme situations around the world change. We can’t be static. Evolution is part of our nature, too and searching those ways and tools that will help us is also a survival instinct. So, what can we do? Never stay with what you think is the easiest way. If it doesn’t work, it is not for you.

When it comes to business, you are not looking up only for yourself but for the entire team you manage, search for ways and tools to improve the whole organisation’s wellbeing. Did you know that happy people are more efficient? Based on different studies, they show that when people understand and are motivated in their jobs, they tend to get the job done way faster than those who don’t.

Never give up, keep searching for ways to be better, the answer and success are out of your comfort zone, let the past be the past because new things wait for you, the future is here, and there is nothing better for a company than have the certainty that they can thrive no matter what.
Every day is a new challenge, and it depends on you how to deal with it. Nowadays, with the unique worldwide situation (covid19), organisations have to adapt to this “new way of working”, and with this comes the platforms we use in our businesses. Imagine a platform that it can adjust to all-new challenges, where you can log in from anywhere at any time and not only that, a platform that you can rely on and will make your job easier and transparent. It sounds like a dream, right? Well, it is a reality, when you let the past in the past and prepare yourself for the future, a world of opportunities will open, give the future a chance, I promise, you won’t regret it.

Carolina Pacheco
Communication and PR

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