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Information that reflects reality, is it possible?

Running your organisation without information reflecting the reality of what is happening is like driving your car with incomplete traffic information, distorted maps, and your position from half an hour ago. This situation bodes well, neither for you and your vehicle nor for your company.

Reflecting on the reality of your business involves several factors, one of them is the following:
The processes must be homeostatic; that is, they must contain self-regulation mechanisms, for example:

Self-regulated scenario: you go to the purchase, you choose what you are going to take, and when you go to the checkout, the seller records the amount to pay and brings you a payment terminal. You verify that the amount that was captured was correct and confirm it by entering your security PIN. Here the self-regulation mechanism is that you affirm that the seller’s information was registered correctly by the person who lives the event, in this case, yourself. At the time, the sale and purchase event occurs.

Capture Scenario: Taking this same example, let’s remember a little what happened not long ago. You went to the purchase, the seller asked you for your card, and he would bring you a Boucher with your card details and the amount for you to sign. Here you validated the Boucher data. But there is a big difference from the previous scenario. In this case, a group of capturists from the bank was sent to register each of the Vouchers. Here, the person who registers the information is not responsible for the event, nor did they experience it, so they have no frame of reference generating possible errors of interpretation, omissions of registration and a tremendous lag in time.

Now we transfer this example to your organisation’s transactions such as receipt of merchandise, production outputs, customer deliveries, Billing, etc. Are you in the self-regulatory scenario where everything is recorded and confirmed by the responsible person when it happens, or you have transactions or are they recorded in Excel, paper, information systems or other mechanisms? A capturist records it in the system? What will provide the information to decision-makers?

LOVIS EOS designed with self-regulation mechanisms in all its processes from beginning to end, reflecting the reality of your business at all times.

Jaime Moreno

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