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Are you a Scully or a Mulder?

In the 90s we all remember a well-known series that dealt with cases about paranormal phenomena which were investigated by two FBI agents, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. We are talking about The X-Files. The cult TV Show premiered almost 30 years ago, in 1993, presenting two big archetypes, the skeptic and the believer. 

Scully was critical, scientific, and skeptical thinking, meanwhile, her counterpart Fox Mulder was the believer of the UFO phenomenon. They give us a clear example of their positions when investigating a phenomenon. One tries to establish the scientific facts to demonstrate what is real, while the other takes a step further and looks beyond what he knows, trusting his guts.

In the Enterprise world, we can find these two archetypes. The analytical CEO, who needs to study everything and does not take any risks if does not have all the information possible, and the adventurous CEO, who does bold moves and goes beyond the norm.  

When choosing a business system, we establish the selection criteria taking the information that we know and that we believe is necessary to choose a system. Many of the times limited by what the market offers by the anecdotes of friends, clients, suppliers, or even by the most used in the industry.

If you stop for a moment to think about what systems are out there, and then you discover LOVIS EOS, maybe you will think that it is not real, and sounds more like science fiction, because of its technology and benefits. A configurable, scalable technology without the need to modify its code that adapts to the business processes of your organization and that each transaction of the operation allows to obtain the accounting record automatically without the need for monthly or annual closing processes, easy to implement, pre-configuration that reduces implementation times, standardized screens and toolbar for ease of use, availability in the cloud, all the integrated modules for use as a fundamental part of the operation that a business system must have and a model for contracting concurrent users.

At this moment what thought are you representing, Dana Scully, who needs to have all the evidence possible to solve the case, or Fox Mulder who trusts his instinct, and doesn’t need to check everything to know the truth? It is only a matter of time before visionaries find it and be a part of the evolution of these new technologies that put them ahead of their competitors.

Rodrigo Hernández
Support Manager of LOVIS

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