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Simultaneous Sessions

Run your beginning-to-end business processes and take advantage of the full LOVIS EOS capabilities.

Most end-to-end business processes require most LOVIS EOS functionality to yield all their benefits. Some users will access LOVIS EOS every working hour of every day. Other users will access the platform only few minutes per month, week or day. Subsidiaries in different countries, and time zones, will stop using LOVIS EOS when other countries will start. This is why we decided not to count how many individual users will be registered to access the platform, but how many simultaneous sessions your company will need at peak moments, day or night. Any simultaneous session has access to all the resources and every function available at any time. We believe this is the fair way to pay for enterprise software. Configuring security and workflow profiles and roles via drag and drop, you grant or deny access to the functions each named user requires.