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Jaime Moreno

Chief Technology Officer

Jaime has been Head of Quality Control in FEMSA and joined the company in 1999. Has the maximum level of certification in the Comon Sense of EOS level IV, head of the Research and Development of LOVIS EOS and presented the academic paper “An Enterprise Operating System for the Sensing, Smart and Sustainable Enterprise”. Because of his experience and knowledge, he is the Chief Technology Officer of LOVIS.

Before joining the company, Jaime Moreno worked as Head of Quality Control at FEMSA Packaging Division. Among its tasks was to carry out statistical quality controls, as well as inspection in all areas of the process. A couple of years later he got the position of Sales Manager, becoming more commercial and being in charge of international relations with suppliers.

He joined the company in 1999 as part of the consultant’s team, reaching the position of Consultant Manager, where he coordinated the implementation and the development of tools for the best use of the system, as well as the execution of diagnostics for project sales and product support.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the system and his past experience, he has obtained the maximum level of certification in the Common Sense of EOS level IV. He has been Chief Operating Officer overseeing the quality of the projects, the commercial area, consulting and support area. As well as the creation of strategies focused on business relationships. In addition to marking training plans and working with alliances and channels. 

He was at the helm of the Research and Development team responsible for the design and development of LOVIS EOS 9.0, the latest version of LOVIS’ Enterprise Operating System, as well as the process of migrating all current customers to this new version.

Graduated as a Mechanical Administrator at Tec de Monterrey, he has participated in technical courses and seminars around the world. With a social training, Jaime is graduated from the Social Training Course taught by the Social Union of Entrepreneurs which is designed to lead senior managers to a more human construction of the organization. Jaime presented the academic paper “An Enterprise Operating System for the Sensing, Smart and Sustainable Enterprise” which was presented in Toulouse, France and within the scope of the IFAC 2017. This study states that LOVIS EOS reflects the main components of an EOS, after comparing it against the components defined in the scientific article.

He leaded the expansion Project of LOVIS in Spain, where since 2009 the company has a presence offering and adapting its business consulting strategy locally.

Jaime Moreno is our Chief Technology Director in LOVIS, where he supervises the quality of projects, as well as the commercial, consulting and support area. He has been in charge of supervising around 52 implementations as well as the creation of strategies focus on business relations. He stands out in the organization for being fully committed to the customer satisfaction and he is a firm believer that the proper use of technologies is a clear enabler of the competitiveness of companies.

“Great things are achieved by great work.”