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Telco and Utilities

From periodic recurrent fixed, variable and measured billing to precise geo-localised fixed-assets management, LOVIS EOS gives you the telco and utilities industry solutions you need to thrive

  • Periodic Billing derived from each customer contract, with fixed and variable concepts and tariffs. The variable component can come from different information sources through LOVIS EOS APIs.
  • Fully control of equipment and machinery related maintenance costs, location, and assignment.
  • Installation work in progress control. A detailed breakdown of internal and external resources in Installation projects provides effortless control of your assets and profitability.
  • Installation projects budget sufficiency functional verification and comparative evaluation, knowing at every moment what your budget and your expected profits are.
  • Do not waste time registering your accounting anymore. Instead, gain total information integrity and obtain financial statements every morning through automatically derived three-dimensional accounting per business unit and projects.
  • Multiple languages and multiple country taxations regulations supported.
  • Management of multi-currency centralised and distributed domestic imports, with bulk tolerances. It involves import documents, customs and transit controls, tariff fees, logistics costs, and INCOTERMS.
  • Collaborative B2B portal, where the provider handles directly purchase orders, requests, delivery confirmations and Billing, avoiding the errors caused by emails and calls and having everything in one site.
  • Non-stop controlled and multi-currency financial operations generate precise receivables, banks, investments, credit lines, and payables. Have effective compliance and avoid record duplication.