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CPG, Consumer Packaged Goods

From Knowing the real inventory and valuation at any warehouse to fully eCommerce marketplace integration, LOVIS EOS gives you the CPG industry solutions you need to thrive

  • Guarantee your products’ safety, quality, and efficiency through controls of expiration and quarantine, supporting strict batch consumption control.
  • Ensure the safety of your products and reduce wasting by enabling quality control evaluations of the raw materials, semi-processed or finished goods reception.
  • Know the status of each item in real-time and perform daily cyclic inventories without stopping the operation.
  • Highly reliable seven inventory layers that optimise inventories over multiple and distributed storage facilities.
  • Know the real inventory and valuation of semi-processed, finished, and consumables at any warehouse, even mobile, in real-time, with detailed information per section, category, and product.
  • Reduce supply-chain lead-time and costs by establishing different inventory buffers through up to 99 BOM levels configuration.
  • Multi-currency centralised and distributed domestic, imports, and exports with bulk tolerances. Considering import documents, customs and transit controls, tariff fees, logistics costs, and INCOTERMS.
  • Communicate with your vendor in his language and simplify replenishment and inventory control, making the process smoother by automatic SKU unit and price conversion, description, and translation per vendor and item.
  • Pay only for what you receive, supported by Three-Way Match automatically derived from supply chain exchanges.
  • Non-stop controlled and multi-currency financial operations generate precise receivables, banks, investments, credit lines, and payables. Have effective compliance and avoid record duplication.
  • Do not waste time registering your accounting anymore. Gain total information integrity and obtain financial statements every morning through automatically derived three-dimensional accounting per business unit and business line.
  • On real-time logistic and other expenses integration for correct valuation and costing.
  • Accurate sales forecasting by region, store, section, category and product based on historical demand, seasonality and external factors. Gain certainty in your supply chain and Improve your sales promotions and negotiation with suppliers.
  • Evaluate each supplier and carry out checks and penalties by automatically analysing their delivery habits, delivery times, failure rates and quantitative and qualitative assessments.
  • Collaborative B2B portal, where the provider handles directly purchase orders, requests, delivery confirmations and billing, avoiding the errors caused by emails and calls and having everything in one site.
  • Transparent and total control of your suppliers merchandising under the consignment model.
  • Easily make in-kind or percentage discounts or promotions by sector, segment, area, or product with endless price lists in multiple currencies tagged per Item, Client, and Chain with a timespan.
  • Seven levels of discount structure crossed by groups of items or clients and percentage of quantity offer tagged per item, client and chain with timespan.
  • Identify those involved in the sale, associate them with customer groups and points of sale and reward them through a flexible commission structure per item, client, chain, orders or groups of Salespersons.
  • Major eCommerce marketplaces real-time APIs connection complemented with solid inventory control, costs, replenishment, logistics BackOffice.
  • Fully eCommerce marketplace integration: orders, customers and new products registration, virtual packs, fulfilment, payment gateways and more.
  • Electronic billing with integrations to certify third parties, complying with the requested requirements by the tax authorities.
  • Purchase price list per supplier and per item that helps avoid errors and unauthorised modifications in the purchase orders.