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Operate multiple country taxations regulations with a wide range of combinations of taxes, rates, and withholdings; LOVIS EOS gives you the business solutions you need to thrive.

  • Multi-currency centralised and distributed domestic, imports, and exports with bulk tolerances. Considering import documents, customs and transit controls, tariff fees, logistics costs, and INCOTERMS.
  • R&D Projects Budget control. A detailed breakdown of internal and external resources in innovation projects, grants and tax reductions allow to justify and control every step of the R&D project.
  • Multiple languages and multiple taxations regulations supported.
  • Suppliers’ transactions with a detailed VAT drop-down that is treated as expenses for budgeting, inventory, asset value and accounting purposes.
  • Ease to adapt to and comply with the tax systems of a wide variety of different countries.
  • A wide range of combinations of taxes and their respective tax rates, as well as withholdings that apply.
  • Electronic billing with integrations to certify third parties, complying with the requested requirements by the tax authorities.