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Reduce your costs, purchase order cycle time and increase your capacity of response to demand; LOVIS EOS gives you the business solutions you need to thrive.

  • Multi-currency centralised and distributed domestic, imports, and exports with bulk tolerances. Considering import documents, customs and transit controls, tariff fees, logistics costs, and INCOTERMS.
  • Communicate with your vendor in his language and simplify replenishment and inventory control, making the process smoother by automatic SKU unit and price conversion, description, and translation per vendor and item.
  • Know exactly what, how, how much, and when to replenish, considering factors such as average supply delivery time and variations in both internal and external demand.
  • Evaluate each supplier and carry out checks and penalties through automatic analysis of their delivery habits, delivery times, failure rates, and quantitative and qualitative assessments.
  • Collaborative B2B portal, where the provider handles directly purchase orders, requests, delivery confirmations, and billing, avoiding the errors caused by emails and calls and having everything in one site.
  • Transparent and total control of your suppliers’ merchandising under the consignment model.
  • Raw materials, consumables, spare parts, merchandise, and services data master registration and configuration in one place.
  •  Suppliers creation, setup, and activation with the agreed terms and conditions so your payments can be programmed correctly.
  • Purchases with restrictive budget control per cost centre and business line with the corresponding levels of authorisation.
  • Purchase requisitions for internal consumption or third-party companies.
  •  Purchase price list per supplier and per item that helps avoid errors and unauthorised modifications in the purchase orders