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Easily track, attribute, and reimburse travel expenses and perform an automatic calculation of expenses amortization, assets depreciation and expenses apportionment; LOVIS EOS gives you the business solutions you need to thrive.

  • On real-time logistic and other expenses integration for correct valuation and costing.
  • Suppliers’ transactions with a detailed VAT drop-down that is treated as expenses for budgeting, inventory, asset value and accounting purposes.
  • Easily track, attribute, and reimburse employee travel expenses, centralise the management process, automate routine manual tasks, save time, and gain control.
  • Automatic expenses apportionment by centre and project with a proportional distribution among several factors.
  • Payroll, withholdings and employees saving funds managing.
  • Automatic calculation of expenses amortization and asset depreciation with the correct accounting entry, both periodic and accumulative.