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Achieve a correct inventory valuation and costing by automatically calculating production costs, wastes, production yields, and expenses integration, effortless and in real-time; LOVIS EOS gives you the business solutions you need to thrive.

  • Know the real inventory and valuation of semi-processed, semi-finished, and consumables at any warehouse, even mobile, in real-time, with detailed information per section, category, and product.
  • Automatic calculation of production costs, wastes, and production yields, effortless and in real-time.
  • Multi-currency centralised and distributed domestic, imports, and exports with bulk tolerances. Considering import documents, customs and transit controls, tariff fees, logistics costs, and INCOTERMS.
  • Fully control of related maintenance costs, location, assignment of equipment and machinery.
  • Working order immediate cost-profit and yields calculation of materials, rents, people, logistics, among others, by project.
  • On real-time logistic and other expenses integration for correct valuation and costing.
  • Achieve transparent traceability with third-party companies by getting manufacturing orders and materials transfer control with related expenses integration for a correct valuation and costing.
  • Detailed each customer cost-profit.
  • Cost and use control of all the equipment, materials and people involved in the process.
  • Know the status, quality, variances, yields and costs of every stage of the process, from the extraction to products and derivates through a fully traceable lot number with an unlimited number of production layers.