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Process Streamlining and Automation – SENASICA

LOVIS EOS streamlines inventory, finance, budgeting and accounting procedures, automating 70% of SENASICA’s administrative duties and 58% of its processes.

SENASICA is Mexico’s national food security agency, responsible for detecting food chain risks and threats and ensuring all foodstuffs meet optimal condition, quality and safety standards. A key priority is to prevent pests and diseases entering the food industry; something achieved by hygiene controls for all imports, exports, re-exports and merchandise in transit. 

Without LOVIS EOS, SENASICA would not operate online 24/7 and in real-time.

The problem

SENASICA depended upon manual processes for its operation – accounting information, budget controls, inventories, among others –  so in a bid to redirect employees/members’ time and efforts to tasks that really matter (those requiring human intervention), the organisation called for a solution to automate its systems, giving access to reliable, real time information.  

There was a need to update technology, streamline processes, give greater financial clarity and, above all, provide users with tools that made their roles easier, leaving them to focus on specific priorities.

The current manual processes impacted workflow and data consistency, and due to the unreliability of the information presented, hindered decision-making.

LOVIS was chosen because it could deliver the automated processes SENASICA wanted. Its system was fast, comprehensive, flexible, within budget and met the regulatory requirements of the Public Function Secretary. It could also easily integrate with the systems run by SAGARPA (the Government department SENASICA is part of).

The solution

To implement process change in a positive way, SENASICA opted for a team approach. Over 18 months it ran an awareness and preparation communication programme, giving all employees an overview of what was going to happen, the reasons behind it,  potential benefits and an opportunity to express their opinions.

During this time, 4,000 employees and 20,000 stakeholders across Mexico benefited from this process.


  • 70% of administrative duties automated
  • 58% of all processes automated, freeing up time for other activities 
  • Full budget control across the whole organisation
  • A unique data centre collates and backs up all SENASICA information, sharing with other data centres, giving security in a crisis
  • Fulfils all federal government requirements (as necessary for a national security organisation)
  • Online, real time information
  • More efficient and transparent processes. 

“It was intriguing at first, then it became a natural process and, now it’s common, not new anymore and part of our daily lives.  LOVIS is valued as something that’s complete and  works.”

Javier Esquinca Andrade, CTO