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Who wants to be a Billionaire?

As you go through the contest questions get more complicated. But when is the best moment to quit? Or maybe use your lifelines? The important matter here is to have the available information and resources to answer the questions in the required time. Time is of the essence; you do not have to know everything yourself. You can use the help of the audience, phone a friend or reduce the number of possibilities. This gives you more certainty. But remember there are only three lifelines, if you use them to early you might regret it. The option that is never on the table is to quit.

What if I told that in your business, you could have the availability of limitless lifelines? Or also what if you could always have the required information available for you, to make the necessary decisions on time? Does this ring the bell?

This is possible when you have the necessary resources in your company. The technology should be your enabler, and not your headache. The characteristics you need in your technology should include at least the following:

  • Simple – Makes your life easier. It´s easy to use.
  • Configurable – Due to its design it can be configured very quickly. No development required.
  • Flexible – Can support your different business needs, current and future.
  • Adaptable – helps you maintain the best practices of your business.
  • Available – Never fails when you need it. It always there
  • Integrated – Supports your process from beginning to end.
  • Collaborative – Helps the process execution to flow efficiently.
  • Secure – Thorough but flexible. Make sure no one does what they are not supposed to.
  • Real time information – Everything is available to be used whenever you need it.
  • Economically viable – Can adapt to the characteristics of your business.

If you put this together in one specific software solution, this may seem a dream come true. Well, the EOS is exactly that. This is the future for business that want to be resilient and know they must adapt to the new business environment, which by the way, is overly complex.

Businesses are facing a new way going forward, that is unknown to everyone. The current environment brings us many new challenges we have not faced in the past, so we are all learning as we go. Wouldn’t it be nice to at least have a little certainty? At least to know that you are analyzing all the possibilities to make a decision, because the information is there for you to use? A professor I had on my MBA asked the question – When do you know you took a good decision? It´s easy to answer, “when you see the final outcome”. But that is not correct. It´s when you know you used every resource, and analyzed different scenarios, and went through all the context. Meaning, you took and informed decision.

Imagine yourself in question 15 of the contest, with the possibility to win one million USD. All your lifelines available. All the required information at your disposal. Wouldn´t it be “easy” to win? Well maybe not easy, but definitely easier. Think about it.

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