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The truth is out there

If someone came to us a few years ago and told us about the evolution of enterprise software, we probably would not believe it. We would have thought it was something of science fiction, more futuristic rather than realistic. But time has past and technology has proven right. 

Now we are entering in the Enterprise 4.0., and it is amazing to analyse the evolution of the companies from the Enterprise 1.0, in the 70s with the first computers and digital technology until now, and who knows what we can expect for the Enterprise 5.0. But first things first. 

We are currently living in a stage of change, it is now the moment to make bold moves and look into the future. So, is your current ERP giving you what you need to thrive?

Paraphrasing the cult series of the nineties The X-Files, “The truth of your organisation is out there”, you want to believe that your current enterprise software is giving you trustworthy information in real-time. But, as the skeptical Mulder will say, “The Truth Is Out There, But So Are Lies.” 

Don’t you feel frustrated for not having reliable real-time inventory, supply-chain, financial, and accounting information? How despairing is it to waste money, time, and effort trying to implement an incomplete Enterprise Software?

EOS is the alternative to ERP and the precondition for Enterprise 4.0. If you are looking to thrive and being a visionary company, now is the time. Find the truth out there and enjoy its benefits. You will finally have easy access to real-time information that reflects your organisation reality from any device, anywhere at any time. 

With hundreds of end-user customisable queries, reports, and BI tools, LOVIS EOS tells you exactly how your organisation is performing in real-time, helping you to make more agile and reliable decisions. When you ask, LOVIS Assistant answers.

If you hear these, maybe you will not believe it at first, but the truth is out there you only need to know where to see it.  

LOVIS EOS simplifies how your business runs. Visionaries like you will be ahead of your competitors. 

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Christina Cooper
Visual Communication

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