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The Innovation

Let us help you simplify your business processes and achieve the certainty in operation, information and evolution you need to thrive.

Duplicate your productivity, improve your wellbeing and obtain a 2:1 ROI from year two.

The Origin

For the last five decades, business complexity has grown exponentially. Mainly due to a corresponding increase in different customer’s needs. Information Technology and Enterprise Software have tried to help organisations cope with this challenge through Data Processing in the 70s, MRP in the 80s and ERP in the 90s.

Many companies adopted the immature ERP during the 90s to sort out the Y2K menace. Some initiatives took 20 years or more, with an enormous cost and effort to adapt the ERP to the organisation. More than half suffered damaging operational disruptions at go-live. Many more, either for cost, time or dissatisfaction, implemented only a few modules, which left them crippled.

Lots of companies have become “Excel-ence” organisations, abusing spreadsheets in an attempt to fill the gaps left by their ERP.

The Problem

Ask yourself, is your ERP giving you what you want?

Aren’t you tired of abusing spreadsheets to do things your ERP should do for you?

Aren’t you frustrated for not having reliable inventory, manufacturing, supply chain, financial and accounting information in real-time?

Aren’t you despaired of struggling with the tremendous complexity artificially created by the interfaces, microservices, data lakes imposed by poorly designed ERP?

Isn’t it wrong that you waste your time, money and effort trying to adapt and use an incomplete Enterprise Software that increases complexity and uncertainty while does not satisfy your needs?

The Viewpoint

You are unique, and your company needs a custom-tailored solution that satisfies your needs and solves your problems from the beginning. Your company does not need to adopt the one-size-fits-all approach that makes you lose your hard-earned competitive advantages. Neither should you spend effort, time and money trying to build a custom solution for you. That is an investment your Enterprise Software provider should make.

When we asked our client what would make their ideal Enterprise Software, they answered in many different ways. However, as we organised their answers, a pattern began de develop. Three were the most desired attributes: Configurable without writing code, capable of running integrated beginning-to-end business processes and easy to implement and use.

Three other concepts were discernible from our clients’ answers: fully automated accounting records matching transactional data to the pence, continuously available, without stopping operations from running closing procedures, and giving them access to real-time data reflecting the organisational reality anytime, anywhere.

The challenge was clear. Despite every reluctance, we decided to invest the time, effort and money in research and development to satisfy our clients’ expectations. Of course, many told us “it is impossible”, and we remembered Henry Ford used to say, “Nothing is impossible, just no one has done it yet”.

The Integrated Business Processes

Certainty and simplicity were on their way.

Our focus was the enterprise operation. We observed thousands of users doing their everyday work and documented which tasks were the same through every company, which were the variations. Most importantly, which ways of doing things made the difference between one organisation and another. We identified how we could help to improve their work.

The process is the key. Every organisation operates around business processes, and individual interconnected transactions make every process. Our most important goal was to allow every user to do every transaction at any time from anywhere directly on the platform. Data that reflects the event is created when the event is happening, by who knows what is going on.

The result is a set of Kan-ban style fully configurable business processes able to support the specific need of different industries, companies and countries for today and tomorrow. Being focused on the operation, we decided to call it an Enterprise Operating System, or EOS.

“Existing ERP systems do not have full capabilities to handle the more sophisticated data trends, analytic methods and algorithms that need to be used to provide the more advanced business intelligence and foresight that will be needed in the Industry 4.0 era.”

2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey by PwC

Certainty is


The configurable, scalable and evolutive platform that fully adapts to your organisational needs today and tomorrow, LOVIS EOS runs transactionally, and all accounting records are created automatically without monthly and annual closing procedures.


LOVIS EOS is easy to use and implemented within six months with no code required and no disruption at go-live. Every task is preconfigured to minimise human effort and maximise data quality.

All around me

With integrated beginning-to-end business processes, powerful workflow and security roles and profiles, LOVIS EOS improves communication and collaboration and facilitates trustworthy audits.

The answer

With hundreds of end-user customisable queries, reports, and BI tools, LOVIS EOS tells you exactly how your organisation performs in real-time, helping you make more agile and reliable decisions. When you ask, LOVIS Assistant answers.

In the air

Fast and secure, with 24/7 at 99.97%+ availability on the cloud, LOVIS EOS puts your business at your fingertips and gives you access to timely and reliable information from any device, anywhere, at any time.


Fair and transparent simultaneous users pricing model, all functions and updates included at no extra cost. We put everything you need, with no surprises. You only bring your own device.

To do nothing is always an option.

Many organisations around the world keep trying to make their ERP function. They keep putting more money in consultancy and new versions, more effort from their teams. And time keeps flowing away. Their customers suffer, bottom line strives, more working capital is required, and people get tired of struggling.

Others understand that ERP has given what it had to provide, and it is time to cut its losses and move to the next generation of Enterprise Software. Gartner, an IT industry markets analyst, projects that the “composable ERP”, as they call it, will be available in five to ten years. We call it EOS, and it is already available for you.

What’s in it for you?

LOVIS EOS is the first configurable Enterprise Software that fully adapts to your business from day one. Obtain the certainty you need in the implementation, operation and information to solve your problems. Run your organisation in a simple, continuous way, so you have time to do what really matters. Make the best decisions, decrease your expenses and grow your profits. Achieve your goals, fulfil your mission and thrive. LOVIS EOS, technology made for you.