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The game is afoot!

The stories of Sherlock Holmes made a difference in its time. Not only for its magnetism and the intrigue of its cases, but above all for the methods used for the detective of deduction. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduce to the Victorian era something completely new. This was a time when the Metropolitan Police just had been founded, and the use of scientific methods to solve crimes was really rare.

The infallible detective was described at many different points as a machine “the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world has seen”. The use of these metaphors is a constant in the novels to describe the faultless ability to reason and observe of the detective.  

In the stories of the detective, Doyle was talking about things never talk before, it was a complete shock for its era, and if you add the character development, the villain, and the plots, then you understand the big impact of Sherlock Holmes, that remains nowadays. Sherlock Holmes was one of the first literary character with the movement called “fandom”. When Doyle was overwhelmed by its fame decide to end with the life of his beloved character, but the “fans” created a big movement because they wanted to continue reading his stories, and thanks to that, Sherlock Holmes came back to life.

This is a clear example of what innovation can do. When you accomplish something uniquely you are making a difference in the world, and people will follow. And it is something that can easily be translated into the enterprise world. Companies had to be constantly trying to innovate to have the best results. Luckily, we don’t need to be like Sherlock, now we have “machines” that led us to see through the magnifying glass of the detective.

In this new era, the companies are used to have ERPs as it’s enterprise software, but as we said, it is time to innovate, and as the methods of Sherlock came as a new fresh wave, the EOS evolution is coming to improve the company’s wellbeing. Why continue suffering from an ERP that does not give you the certainty you need to thrive? Why still trust a “machine” that does not offer you reliable, real-time inventory, supply-chain, financial, and accounting information? 

You must be prepared for this new Industrial Revolution that we are living in, where artificial, the growing accumulation of large amounts of data, the use of algorithms to process them, and the massive interconnection of digital systems and devices, intelligence are pointed out as a central element of this transformation,

This fourth stage would correspond to a new way of organizing the means of production, with “smart factories” capable of greater adaptability to production needs and processes, as well as a more efficient allocation. of resources, thus opening the way to a new industrial revolution or Industrial Revolution 4.0.1

LOVIS EOS is the alternative of ERP and the precondition for Industry 4.0. Visionaries like you will benefit from taking this opportunity. As the famous detective will say, “the game is afoot!”, do what is best for your company.

Christina Cooper
Visual Communication

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