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Alfredo Velasco

Business Intelligence Manager

Alfredo has more than 40 years of experience in management positions, having been Programming and Control Manager and Logistics Director in various companies in different sectors. He is obsessed with process optimization and production control. At LOVIS, he has been Business Intelligence Manager since 2008, developing strategic and operational decision-making tools.

Alfredo Velasco is a lover of process optimization and production control. He has worked as a consultant in Systems Implementation, has been Director of Recovery in banking, analyzing the financial situation of clients and providing great benefits to the company he worked for. For 11 years, he was Programming and Control Manager, for a big paper industry in Mexico where he coordinated teams between departments, such as sales, credit, production, billing and distribution.

He was Logistics Manager at Eloff Hanson in Mexico, improving warehouse distribution and control systems and developing an application for inventory control. In addition, he is an expert in advanced application development in Excel and Microsoft Project.

Alfredo joined the company in 2008 and since then he is our Business Intelligence Manager. Among its activities and responsibilities are collecting, analyzing and developing tools to help in strategic and operational decision making, the development of applications for project control and the control panel for customer support, as well as the standardization of process diagrams. and work as a consultant.

He graduated as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer with a specialty in Industrial Engineering from the UNAM in Mexico. He has more than 40 years of professional experience behind him, in which he has been able to develop his management and management qualities in all types of fields and sectors.

Despite his extensive experience, Alfredo’s nonconformist nature leads him to always remain on alert, pending at all times of new updates and technological advances.

He is a swimming lover, and, during the weekends, it is usual to find him hiking and mountaineering routes.

“The only way of being happy is loving what you do.”