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Support FAQs

What image types can I upload to LOVIS?

To maintain compatibility with all the environments where LOVIS EOS runs, the images file type to upload into LOVIS EOS must be a bitmap image (.bmp).

What are the requirements to print from LOVIS?

To print, it is necessary to have the latest version of TSPrint installed on the computer where you use LOVIS EOS. Download and install TSPrint from https://www.terminalworks.com/remote-desktop-printing/downloads

LOVIS EOS will take the printers installed on your computer.

Can a printout form be modified?

The printout forms for legal pre-printed formats such as Sales Invoices, bank checks; can be adapted during the implementation of LOVIS EOS or through our post-implementation service. The other forms that LOVIS EOS are standard designed for the best performance within your organisation. If you have any need, please request its improvement through support; your case will be analysed by our development department and send you a response to your request.

How can I open a LOVIS support ticket?

You can send your support requests to the designated LOVIS support Administrator within your organisation.

To open a support ticket you must be a LOVIS customer’s support administrator. Your company’s CEO, or legally authorised executive, has to send a signed letter informing who will be the LOVIS Administrator(s).

If you are a LOVIS Support Administrator, you can create support tickets by sending an email to support@lovis.com or directly at https://lovis.com/customer-support/.