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Security FAQs

Can I have more than one security profile?

Yes, every user can have more than one security profile to perform different sets of tasks. Switching between Profiles is quick and easy.

Why do one or more Series are not displayed when creating a new Document?

This usually happens when a new series has not been assigned to the selected user profile’s Series’ Roles. Please ask your System Administrator to grant you the permissions.

How can I limit the authorisation limit of a Profile?

Type the maximum amount and select the currency you want to use for the authorisation limit of the Profile.

What types of Roles are available to configure a Profile?

A security profile can be made up from any combination of the following security roles:

  • Functional
  • Series
  • Item types
  • Entity types

How can my suppliers and customers have secure access to LOVIS EOS?

The Entity ID of the supplier or customer can be assigned to a user profile to limit secure access only to the transactions related to them.