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Inventory FAQs

Inventory entries are not displayed in the Expenses Distribution Tab of the Financial Document

Inventory entries are not displayed when you need to distribute expenses on a Finance Document because:
  • The inventory entry is not Assigned.
  • The payables invoice is not Applied.
  • The Financial Document has not distributable balance.
  • The items on the Financial Document have not active the distributable parameter.

ERROR: Field ‘Assignable’ only accepts zero or positive values

The most common causes for this error message to appear in inventory transfers and consumptions are:

  • One or more of the items involved in the movement have no inventory existence or insufficient.
  • Items are repeatedly in the same movement, which causes the quantities to be added up and could lead to insufficient inventory availability.

Cannot [Assign] an Output Inventory Movement

Please verify that your output inventory movement complies with the following considerations:

  1. Confirm that the Inventory Movement is [Activated]
  2. Confirm that your User Profile has the Security Authorisations to [Assign] this type of Inventory Movement
  3. For Serial or Lot Number controlled Items: Verify there is a Serial Number on the corresponding entry record
  4. Confirm that the Inventory movement has at least one active entry

If after confirming the above considerations it is still not possible to [Assign] the Inventory Movement, please open a Support Ticket.