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I want to hear you roar!

A great message, and I dare say that it is a necessary attitude on a personal level. What better way than getting up every day and looking at ourselves in the mirror to say convinced, I want to hear you Roar!!

And who has not ever been afraid? Those who know say that whoever does not feel scared is crazy. Imagine what it would be if a bullfighter, before stepping on the ring and face his enemy, did not feel fear at all. Therefore by not being alert, the adrenaline would not flow, the risk would be total, and only a matter of time for a tragedy to happen.

In the end, the brave is not the one who does not feel fear; the brave is the one who overcomes his fears and advances. Roaring is going over the fears, doubts, and barriers. For many, this is a typical day, and in the business world, it is no different and more in times of crisis like the ones we live in today. How many people know that they are starting over or have had to adapt to survive? Is it true then that crises are opportunities? What does this depend on?

I can assure you that everything in reality, and although the phrase is more than trite, depends on the glass you look at. Do you see the glass half full, or do you see it half empty? And it is that life is an attitude, it can be good or bad, but the attitude defines what we see and, therefore, what we will do about it. If we decide to be victims and blame circumstances, we will be part of a group, certainly not a select one, that sees life pass by and finds consolation (sometimes) in justifying itself every day.

However, some people fall but get up, who face and decide to roar, who wins, who grow, who do not know the comfort zone. In my career, always, as a general rule, I seek to ally myself with people of this type. I am looking for human beings who have a solution for each problem and not a problem for each solution. However, as in any club that prides itself on being exclusive rules that must be fully complied with, the first and foremost being that to associate with people like those described above, it is vital that you are. Also, it is nothing more than the law of the jungle, lions with lions, giraffes with giraffes, mice with mice.

I like to think that roaring is simply the daily decision to grow, do what has to be done and comply regardless of what others think. If you feel like me, always welcome.

Be happy!

Enrique Ferráez C.
BP Director MX

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