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EOS: A new dawn in Enterprise Software.

Does your ERP give you what you want when you want it?

Do you run your Business or do you crawl your ERP?

Is your company sequestered by your ERP provider?

According to Tony Van Der Horst, Gartner Senior Executive Partner, in his “ERP is dead” Gartner Blog article: “We love to hate ERP. For some, it is the enterprise application that forces their organisation in an inadequate, static mould; others feel that over time they have customised and adapted it to death.” 

Are you a pioneer or an innovator?

Is your company’s productivity and profitability your top priority?

Do you believe there has to be a much better solution?

EOS is the solution you are looking for.

The curse of ERP

Since the 90s, organisations and governments have implemented ERP with bitter results. Coding to customise incomplete software and integrate ill-fitting modules resulted in year-long and costly implementations that yielded complexity and uncertainty to organisations. The consequences of a failed software rollout can be severe, including shareholder lawsuits and financial meltdowns.

According to Panorama Consulting’s 2023 ERP Report: “The median project timeline has been 15.5 months; almost half of the projects exceeded the budget and the timeline.”

The solution to these problems requires an entirely different approach.

The blessing of EOS

An Enterprise Operating System (EOS) is a Zero-Code Enterprise Software Platform in the Cloud that fully adapts to each company’s needs using business oriented parameters.

EOS supports at least 12 integrated beginning-to-end macro business processes and over 50 integrated beginning-to-end business processes with hundreds of ready-to-use variations.

EOS builds transactional information that reflects reality and dynamic hypercubes for BI in real-time.

EOS Automatically derives accounting records from transactional information, controls budget per account, centre and project, provides Financial Statements in any standard every morning and closes every day, month, and year with zero downtime.

EOS is implemented in six months or less with no-disruption at go-live and includes infrastructure, high availability, support, maintenance, updates and upgrades for a fair simultaneous session subscription to run your organisation without unpleasant surprises.

The EOS Consortium

The Enterprise Operating System (EOS) is the new standard in Enterprise Software for medium, large and global organisations and governments.

The EOS Consortium is the organisation committed to reviewing and approving EOS standards compliance.