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What is an EOS?

An Enterprise Operating is a zero-code Enterprise Software Platform on the Cloud that fully adapts to each company’s needs, runs integrated beginning-to-end business processes, builds transactional information that reflects reality in real-time, closes every day, month, and year with zero downtime, automatically derives accounting records, provides Financial Statements in any standard every morning, is implemented in six months or less with no-disruption at go-live and updates and support are included without additional cost.

Supports the following 12 Macro-Business-Processes, 50+ Business-Processes and hundreds of ready-to-use variations:

  • Purchase Order to Pay
  • Sales Order to Cash
  • Expenses to Pay
  • Billing to Cash
  • Inventory and WMS
  • Fixed and Deferred Assets
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Demand Planning
  • Treasury
  • Accounting
  • Business Intelligence
  • And the following 2 Management Processes:
  • BPM
  • Systems Management

If some Enterprise Software does not comply with all EOS characteristics, can it be called an EOS?

NO, it must comply with all characteristics to be named an EOS.