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Adoption Models

Your organisation is unique and so are your needs. Sometimes your current enterprise software supports several business processes, sometimes not. Your implementation can be complete or partial, your team may or may not be running your business on spreadsheets or your implementation has given whatever it could and you need a completely new one.

LOVIS EOS has one adoption model for each scenario.

End-to-End Business Process

When several business processes are completely supported by your current enterprise software, but one or more are not, the missing processes can be supported by a custom-tailored LOVIS EOS configuration, which connects via our APIs and data exports and imports with your enterprise software.


When your implementation is incomplete because you decided not to implement certain functions from the beginning, you decided to stop the process halfway, your enterprise software does not support what you need or to achieve it makes it enormously expensive, a custom-tailored LOVIS EOS configuration can give you what is missing.

Our APIs and data exports and imports through several standard formats enabled the integration.


When your team is running your company on spreadsheets, sharing files via email or file servers, conciling, merging and uploading data to your enterprise software, you are running lots of security and compliance risks, and your people is doing what your enterprise software was supposed to be doing for you

Build reliable and timely information from financial, logistics and manufacturing processes. Derive all accounting records automatically and deliver all the information you need to your enterprise software via our APIs and data exports (including Excel). The appropriate LOVIS EOS custom-tailored configuration will give you the solution you need.

All you need

When your current enterprise software implementation is outdated, does not support your current and future business models, your current version will soon not be supported anymore, its implementation was a nightmare that you do not want to live again, your team does not flow for its implementation complexity or it just gave what it had to give, a complete LOVIS EOS implementation is in place, simple, lean and straightforward, will give you all you need.